How to Celebrate National Lazy Day

National Lazy Day falls on Wednesday 10th August and is a day when you’re granted permission to do absolutely nothing. It is essentially a guilt-free day to unwind, rest and de-stress in whatever way you want to.  
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Sleeping in Summer

Daylight saving time has officially commenced! We may have lost one precious hour in bed, but since the 28th of March we have been working on a British Summer Time (BST) time zone and we are feeling pretty happy about it. With the clocks going forward comes...
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The Art of De-Stressing

We have blinked and suddenly life feels like it is going 100 miles an hour again. Work is busier than ever, the children are nearly finishing another school year and we are filling our weekends with plans to see friends and family. No wonder we...
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Getting a good night’s sleep in times of stress and worry

Throughout our lives we inevitably experience periods of stress and worry. During these times,one aspect of our everyday life that can be seriously impacted is our quality of sleep. Unfortunately, once our sleep starts to be affected, this can actually produce more stress hormones during the day,...
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The Cyberjammies Recipe for a Great Night’s Sleep

Ingredients:  Relaxing Bath Oil Candle Herbal Tea Fluffy Towel (warmed on a radiator) Slippers Eye Mask Pillow Spray Good Book Device for playing music and YouTube video Favourite set of Cyberjammies Preparation Time: 15 minutesRelaxation Time: Endless Method: 1. Start your bedtime wind-down by running a warm...