The Best Wedding Morning Routine

The Best Wedding Morning Routine

The morning of a wedding is such a special time, so why is it overlooked by so many? Brides spend an incredible amount of time preparing for the actual wedding, but when it comes to the morning of, they often forget the finer details. To help, the experts at Cyberjammies share a list of morning-of must-dos that will ensure everything runs smoothly…

1) The morning prep starts the night before. Take yourself away from the rehearsal drinks at a reasonable time, lay out your outfit and accessories and opt for an early night. That way, instead of scrambling to get organized when your alarm goes off, you can focus on having this time dedicated to you. 

2) Write a gratitude list when you first wake. Staying in bed for a few extra minutes to journal what you feel grateful for is an amazing way to ground yourself before you take the leap of faith into love. 

3) Naturally, the emotions that come with the big day can get the better of us. The calming properties chamomile tea offer a soothing respite as your beverage of choice - but then again, so does a glass of champagne. 

4) Line your stomach with a nutritional breakfast. You have a long day ahead! Opting for a breakfast that steers clear from bloating and keeps your sugar levels at bay will help you to feel your best until the big banquet. 

5) Surround yourself with people you love. There is nothing like gathering your girlfriends in one room to sit in matching pyjamas whilst you get your hair and makeup done. These special moments of a bridal party are a true statement of luxury, sophistication and togetherness. Whether your hens embrace the cliché matching pyjamas or you decide to go classic with individual styles that suit each personality, Cyberjammies have styles, patterns and colours for everyone. Our perfect pairing is made using super-soft modal and cotton fabric and finished with white bridal embroidery. The Saskia Womens Embroidered Pyjama Set is designed with your comfort in mind, ensuring you look and feel your best on your special day and its moisture-wicking material is ideal for keeping you cool during the morning nerves! 

6) Once ready, take a moment for yourself. Lock the bathroom door and shake the stresses away. Write a 'day-of' note to your future self and remind yourself what this day is really about. 

7) The Cyberjammies pyjamas are lovingly created by combining classic styles with elegant twists to ensure ultimate timeless sophistication. Once you match with your perfect set, you are guaranteed to feel put together to enjoy all the special moments. Shop your style at