Say Yes to Your Wedding Day Pyjamas

Say Yes to Your Wedding Day Pyjamas

Wedding season is officially upon us…eek! Now we know the dress is the most important outfit, and even the bridal underwear takes a lot of consideration. But forget the official ceremony outfit for now, because there is another big frock to consider; the pj’s to wear on the morning of the big day!

Whether it’s for hen-do weekends in the countryside or to wear whilst you’re sitting in the makeup chair drinking champagne; a bride and her parties pyjamas are a statement of luxury, sophistication and togetherness.

From nightdresses to pyjama sets and dressing gowns, the Cyberjammies Nora Rose collection has a wide range of garments to choose from to make you feel like a princess on a very special day.

Created using super-soft modal and cotton fabrics, the moisture-wicking material is ideal for keeping you cool during the morning nerves. Each piece in the collection is finished with an added layer of elegance, boasting soft lace detailing and modal piping to exude sophistication.

The Cyberjammies pyjamas are lovingly created by combining classic styles with elegant twists to ensure ultimate timeless sophistication. Once you match with your perfect set, you are guaranteed to feel put together to enjoy all the special moments. Shop your style at