Cosy Reads for Autumn Nights

Cosy Reads for Autumn Nights

The nights are definitely drawing in and it’s certainly getting chillier. Around this time of year, the team at Cyberjammies find themselves falling for the lure of a warm, cosy evening spent on the sofa in our PJ’s instead of getting dressed up for an evening socialising. We love an Autumn TV mini-series or box set, as much as the next person, but call us old- fashioned we’re also huge fans of getting lost in a really good book.

Heading up for an early night armed with a gripping thriller, is an obvious option but some nights we just switch off the TV, put on some of our favourite tunes and make sure we’ve got a hot chocolate or glass of wine to hand. Now we’re all set to escape for the rest of the evening to anywhere our page-turner wants to take us.

Our team of avid bookworms are always keen to share news of any great books we’re reading and are often found sipping our morning coffee whilst updating the rest of the team on any literary gems we’ve discovered. We’ve pulled together a quick review of some of our latest finds but also some of the classic books that have really left their mark on us.

A few more oldies but goodies
Some books stay with you for a long time and the Cyberjammies team have been known to go back and re-read some of our favourites. We also enjoy introducing others to our all-time favourite books, so we thought we’d include a few below, just in case you’ve never read them:

 To Kill a Mockingbird – Often first read at school but it’s well worth discovering or revisiting Harper Lee’s tale of friendship, courage, prejudice and inequality.

 Lucia Lucia – Adriana Trigiani’s story of trying to balance love, family and a career across the decades is heart-warming, funny and truly memorable.

 A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini – We were torn between this and its predecessor ‘The Kite Runner’ but this story of two women trapped in arranged marriages and their struggles and friendship is one we’ll never forget.

 Captain Correlli’s Mandolin – At times quirky but always captivating, Louis de Bernieres’ novel is a story of true love over adversity that starts during the Second World War.

As you can probably tell, we’re passionate about our favourite books but always love discovering new ones, so if you’d like to share your top reads from now or the past just drop us a line.