Why The Right Mattress Means More Than You Think

A good mattress essential for our physical and mental health as after all, it is somewhere we
spend nearly half of our life.

Mattresses can come at a hefty price, so it’s not uncommon for people to keep theirs for 10-
15 years to really get the most out of their purchase. The problem lies when people wait until
the mattress is old and worn to replace it. The truth is, if you leave your mattress too long,
your sleep, mood and health can begin to suffer. Although there is no set time for your
mattress to be classed as ‘Out of Date’, you should have a Best Before date in mind.
The National Bed Federation advise that you replace your bed every 7 years. When this time
starts to approach, try to ask yourself, is my mattress still supporting me correctly? Is it
comfortable? Is it hygienic? 

When it comes to price, mattresses should be viewed as an investment. It’s tempting to opt
for a cheaper mattress, which can work out fine… if you’re lucky. However, look at in terms
of pay-per-use; if you buy a mattress for £1000 and use it for 7 years, that means you are
spending just under 40p a night – a pretty slim price to pay for a satisfying night’s sleep.
Sleep Advisor explain how a bad or old bed can affect us including body aches and pains,
joint soreness, lack of sleep and cause allergies to dust mites. Sleep is an essential function
for everyday physical and mental health, so to avoid said symptoms, it’s important to invest in the right mattress for you. 

From pocket sprung, memory foam, hybrid and so on, there are many different types of mattresses so it’s important to see which your body prefers most, and what supports you best. As non-essential retail begins to reopen, we cannot stress enough how important it is to try and test a mattress before you purchase. Failing that, reading reviews and a good returns policy is crucial!