Tips For Sleeping in Warmer Weather

Tips For Sleeping in Warmer Weather

Summer is in full swing – hurrah! With the recent clear blue skies and glorious sunshine comes the infamous British heat, and unfortunately, with heat comes no sleep. 

We really do feel your pain. There is nothing quite as frustrating as a restless night sleep due to an unbearable bedroom temperature. We regrettably still haven’t yet mastered sleeping in summer here in the UK, despite our European neighbours being pretty equipped for the night time heat with their summer sleeping strategies (and aircon)!

Luckily, Cyberjammies are on-hand to share our top tricks on staying cool during your slumber, so that you can rest easy this summer:

Invest in a fan:

Waking up in hot flush is quite possibly one of the worst ways to awake. Our ultimate top tip, and one people often forget by the time summer rolls round, would be to purchase a fan to keep you cool during your sleep - and if you don’t already carry a handheld fan on you, then we also recommend!

Put on breathable fabrics:

Opt for breathable, breezy fabrics for your bedding and nightwear, like cotton or modal, that release heat and avoid the chance of you becoming clammy.

Stick to a routine:

Don’t let the heat keep you from going to bed. Find a bedtime routine that works for you and stick to it, to ensure you get the most out of your shut-eye. Switching off our devices, reading a book, meditating and dimming the lights can help calm our bodies, lower tempuratues and send us into a sleepy slumber ready for a full night of Zzz’s. Make sure to keep the bedroom door open too, that way you’ll allow the air to circulate and avoid any chance of the room becoming stuffy. 

Our sleep favourites to keep cool during summer…