The Cyberjammies Recipe for a Great Night’s Sleep

The Cyberjammies Recipe for a Great Night’s Sleep


 Relaxing Bath Oil
 Candle
 Herbal Tea
 Fluffy Towel (warmed on a radiator)
 Slippers
 Eye Mask
 Pillow Spray
 Good Book
 Device for playing music and YouTube video
 Favourite set of Cyberjammies

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Relaxation Time: Endless


1. Start your bedtime wind-down by running a warm bath and add your relaxing bath
oil. We love Elemis’ Elixirs Calm, it’s on the more expensive side but a little goes a long way.

2. While your bath is running, brew some herbal tea. Chamomile is an excellent choice,
but you could also try Valerian which has a calming effect on the body.

3. Now that your bath has run, and your tea is ready, light a candle and slip into your bath. Why not play some relaxing music?
This could be music you love or use one of the chillout playlists available on one of the streaming services.

4. Close your eyes, lay back and relax. This could be a good time for a face mask but if
you simply want to switch off, take some deep breaths and try to quieten your mind.

5. Choose when you want to get out of the bath but don’t rush. When you do get out,
wrap up in a warm fluffy towel before changing into your PJ’s and slippers.

6. It might sound strange to do some yoga after your bath but there are some excellent videos on YouTube
that focus on relaxing the mind and body before you go to sleep. This type of yoga is closest to mindulness
and one of our favourites is 7-minute bedtime yoga by Yoga with Adriene.

7. Hopefully you’re starting to feel quite sleepy so now’s the time to head up to bed.
Make sure you’ve got a good book and maybe try some background music from an app such as
Calm. You can choose from the relaxing sounds of rainfall, waves or specially created relaxation pieces.

8. This is a good time to use a pillow spray, so that it has time to dry before you finally
settle down to sleep. We love Feather and Down’s Sweet Dreams spray.

9. When your eyes are heavy and you’re feeling ready to sleep, put down the book, pull on an eye mask
and get comfy. Many of the Calm playlists will fade gently after a set amount of time, so you can
either stop your background music now or let it continue to relax you as you drift off to sleep.

10. Enjoy a blissful night’s sleep.