Should You Ever Wear Pyjamas to Breakfast? The Do’s and Don’t of Holidaying

Should You Ever Wear Pyjamas to Breakfast? The Do’s and Don’t of Holidaying

The debate over whether one should wear pyjamas to breakfast while on holiday has been a long-standing topic of discussion among travellers. Ghastly news headlines of the one woman who wore her robe to breakfast during a high-end cruise isn’t a holiday memory you want to leave with, but who really is to say what's so wrong or right about it?

On one hand, there are those who argue that vacation attire should be a departure from the ordinary, and wearing pyjamas to breakfast adds a delightful touch of relaxation and whimsy to the experience. On the other hand, people who believe that adhering to certain dress codes, even during holidays, is a sign of respect for the local culture and the establishment's norms.

For proponents of wearing pyjamas to breakfast, the argument is rooted in the idea that holidays should be a break from the constraints of daily life. It's a chance to embrace a more relaxed and carefree approach to dressing, and pyjamas symbolise comfort and leisure. However, the opposing viewpoint emphasises the importance of cultural sensitivity and respecting the rules and customs of the destination. In some places, wearing pyjamas to a public dining area may be considered disrespectful or inappropriate.

To help settle the debate, we’re sharing our do’s and don'ts of wearing pyjamas to breakfast during your holiday…

- Read the room. Will wearing pyjamas cause offence to the hospitality you find yourself in? If not, then go for it! For example, staying at a resort or spa, where robes and pyjamas are encouraged as daywear, it's seen as an opportunity to fully immerse oneself in the atmosphere of relaxation and indulgence.
- Check first! There’s no harm in asking the receptionist about their policy. Guests around you might be thinking the same thing, so they’ll appreciate your initiative and soon follow the trend.
- Choose nightwear that can pose as daywear. The Cyberjammies Navy Slouch Jersey Pyjama Set is designed for ultimate comfort and style to wear day to night, making breakfast in your pyjamas a no-brainer. Crafted from beautifully soft 95% modal and 5% elastane fabric, our exquisite deep rich navy jersey slouch pyjama set promises a comforting duvet-like feel against your skin, whilst the elegantly mustard modal adds a touch of sophistication to its charming appeal. Indulge in the luxury of breakfast in your pyjamas with no one knowing.


- Don’t blatantly ignore dress codes. If your resort, hotel or cruise says no PJ’s allowed then don’t jinx it, otherwise you might feel a little silly when they send you back to your room to change (trust us, we’ve been there).
- Don’t assume all breakfasts have to be enjoyed surrounded by other guests, order breakfast in bed instead! Breakfast in bed is a total luxury and an absolute must for lazy vacation mornings. You are on holiday after all, give yourself a day off for breakfast duties and enjoy your full english under your duvet because you absolutely deserve it.