Keeping Comfortable During Menopause

Keeping Comfortable During Menopause

Going through menopause is tough, but just know that you are not going through it alone.
Whether you are currently experiencing it or are approaching that time, there are methods you can adopt to help you feel your best.

Our sleep-wake cycle changes as we age. This means that naturally, we do get tired more easily and wake up earlier, ultimately meaning we slumber for a lesser period. Unfortunately, sleep issues also become more common and worsen during the perimenopause to the post-menopause stage, which is when women report the most sleep problems. There are ways to help you cope with menopause and sleep, so talk to your doctor if you’re experiencing issues and need support.

'Is it hot in here?'

We all know hot flushes or night sweats can be difficult to manage, especially when they begin to disturb a night’s sleep. The quick rush of adrenaline during a flush makes it harder to fall back asleep and when you do eventually fall back asleep, the quality can be poor. Loose-fitting clothing, especially during nighttime, will help manage any unpredictable changes in temperature. In addition, try avoiding heavy blankets and use lighter bedding to give you a greater chance of staying cool during the evening and help avoid any disturbance.

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