The Cherished Christmas Eve Traditions

The Cherished Christmas Eve Traditions

The elements of Christmas Eve that make it so special are the cherished traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation and performed annually without fail.

A Christmas Eve tradition, big or small, is an unwritten rule that must be performed on the eve of the 25th of December. The beauty of traditions is that no one family, friend or individual will have the same, making them unequally magical.

Each tradition starts somewhere or by someone. Despite the countless year’s fulfilment, we look forward to doing it 12 months later. Some Christmas Eve traditions will only ever happen on the 24th of December and some are controversially attempted during the year, but it never feels quite right, does it?

 Cyberjammies have listed the most cherished traditions that make the day so marvellous…

A Christmas Eve dinner spent with family, friends and neighbours is a way to see in the festivities and truly get into the Christmas spirit. What’s more, this tradition prepares our bellies for the feast ahead, so it isn’t so completely overwhelming on our trouser buttons the following day.

Christmas Eve church services are enjoyed by villages, towns and cities across the world as candlelight’s are held and Christmas hymns are sung.

The award for the tradition that sparks the most turmoil are the games. Monopoly, Charades... the list is endless. Whichever game commences and whichever player wins, the funny stories that are made and remembered for years after are what really counts.

Next comes caroling. Whether you’re signing or opening the door, you either love or dread this ritual. Caroling is a concert that brings the whole community together. Not quite the performer? Slip away from the traditional door-to-door scenario, gather a crowd and host a carol over Zoom with families and friends far and wide. The bonus? You control the volume.

 With presents on everyone’s mind, it is tradition to let everyone open one present under the tree to get a glimpse of what is in store for the morning. The moment the very last door on the advent calendar is opened means that Christmas Day is only a stone throw away.

 When night draws, slip into your families matching pyjamas before snuggling up on the sofa to watch a Christmas classic as you recite each line from scene to scene. Once the candles begin to blow out, pour a glass of milk and lay a plate of carrots outside.

And perhaps the biggest tradition of them all is to tuck the family into bed before the clock strikes midnight and slowly doze off to the sound of Santa’s sleigh passing over.