Sleepwear vs Loungewear

Sleepwear vs Loungewear: What’s the difference?

Years ago, we would have never dreamt of leaving the house before getting changed out of
our ‘comfies’. That’s before loungewear came along.

Loungewear was essentially what you wore to lounge, consisting of comfortable clothing that
is suitable to wear day and night at home. However, over the past year and with so many of
us still working from home, loungewear has become a closet must-have and a go-to outfit for
running small errands. An outfit comfy enough to sit at your home desk, but is also
presentable to wear on a work Zoom call. Loungewear offers both comfort and style and is
now just as common to see from clothing brands as any other category.

So what’s the difference between loungewear and pyjamas?

A simple question you can ask yourself to help tell the difference between the two is; would
you be comfortable answering the door from the postman? If the answer is no, you’re most
likely wearing pyjamas. If yes, then it's loungewear.

Of course, unlike pyjamas, if you are leaving the house in loungewear you would wear a bra
or bralette and style with sneakers or sliders, depending on what errands need running.
Loungewear is usually made from cashmere or jersey and usually comes in either a top and
cardigan or sweatshirt and matching bottoms set. It’s an outfit that you can wear any time of
the day and not feel guilty that you haven’t got changed out of your jammies yet.
nightshirt, nightgowns, sexy camisoles. Most importantly, PJ’s are comfortable, made from
non-irritating fabric, breathable and generously fit.

Although usually adorning a palette of neutral colours, during Spring and Summer you can
expect to see a variety of saturated pastel colours from loungewear brands. Pyjamas on the
other hand have no seasonal boundaries when it comes to colours and patterns. From florals
to prints, stripes to spots, pyjamas are and always will be an outfit where the question of ‘is
this too much?’ does not exist – rather focusing on the ‘does this match?’ question. The
beauty of pyjamas can be appreciated through a set. A matching top to pair with your bottom
half can make one feel confident and put together as they look forward to an evening slumber.

Whether you’re having a well-dressed to-do list day in your loungewear or slipping into your
ready-for-bed pyjama set, what matters the most for both is comfort and style.

Here at Cyberjammies we specialise in super soft loungewear that keeps you comfy in the winter
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