How will you watch the Royal Wedding?


How will you watch the Royal Wedding?

Here’s the Cyberjammies round-up of some of the best ways to enjoy the big day.

So, it seems our invite got lost in the post. Whilst we’re still quietly hoping that it will turn up before the big day, here at Cyberjammies we’ve been thinking about other ways we can enjoy the Royal Wedding, just in case it doesn’t.

Of course, one option for serious fans is to head to Windsor and join the thousands that are expected to line the streets. With a chance to get a glimpse of the dress and the happy couple themselves, it’s certainly tempting. After the ceremony, the bride and groom will embark on a carriage procession around Windsor covering Castle Hill, High Street, Sheet Street, Kings Road and Albert Road, providing another chance to witness history first-hand. 



If, however, the thought of joining the crowds in Windsor is really not for you or you’re just too far away, there are plenty of other ways to make the most of this special day. 

Heading to the capital, is one way to get caught up in the atmosphere and many hotels, restaurants and bars are holding special screenings.  To really celebrate in style, lunch at Galvin Windows, at the London Hilton on Park Lane will offer beautiful views across the city with live screening of the event.  Alternatively, join The Royal Wedding party at One Marylebone. This Grade I listed church is hosting a daytime party between 11am and 5pm, and as well as screening the event, will provide British inspired games and cake decorating.  You can even stay on and party in the evening with Elton John and Ed Sheeran tribute acts. 

Outside of the capital, there’s plenty going on and if you’re a thrill seeker at heart, then what better place to enjoy the day than by watching the event from Dreamland in Margate. With extended opening times, the park is open from 11am until 8pm, which means you’ll not only get to watch a live screening of the wedding but also the FA cup final which starts at 5.15pm.  Meanwhile, at Cliveden in Berkshire, they’re hosting a Royal Wedding garden party and at Fairmont St Andrews, you can enjoy afternoon tea after a live screening of the ceremony. If you’d like to view the nuptials in a traditional and historic setting, Winchester Cathedral is showing the event on a large screen in its nave and then moving into the grounds for family entertainment and celebrations.

There’s great news too, for those who want to celebrate with their local friends and community. Not only has the BBC waived it’s TV licencing fee to allow groups to screen the event, many local councils have also relaxed their rules on hosting street parties. We hear that Bristol is the nation’s street party hot-spot but also that many parties are already organised in Nottingham, Oxford, Brighton and Southampton. In Cambridge, if you head to Market Square, there’s a live screening and street party planned. It’s free but space is limited, so get there early to secure your spot. Many local councils don’t require permission to host a street party on quieter residential roads but it’s worth checking on your council’s website first. Even if you live on a busy road, there’s nothing to stop you using driveways, front gardens, parking spaces and the pavement to celebrate with your neighbours and friends.  



Of course, there’s always the option to just stay home and enjoy this special day with those you love. This is currently hot favourite for the Cyberjammies family and we’re thinking of starting the day with a big breakfast (with of course a little something sparkling on the side), wearing our favourite and truly patriotic London pyjamas. With three TV channels to choose from (Sky, BBC and ITV) and coverage starting from around 9am, it’s going to be a TV marathon but we’re up for it. We’ll then invite some of our nearest and dearest over for BBQ in the afternoon, before settling down to watch the football in the evening. The question is, will we actually get changed out of our Pyjamas?