Our Fabrics

Created by our team of true nightwear experts, who set the highest standards for our products, Cyberjammies nightwear is never compromised. Quality, durability and excellent value are at the heart of everything we do to make sure that our customers not only love their products but return to us time and time again to restock their nightwear wardrobe. A huge part of this is the superb comfort that we insist upon for every style we create and we achieve this by carefully selecting the finest fabrics, developed hand in hand with our long-term suppliers.

A question we often get asked is if our nightwear is made from 100% cotton. In most cases, it usually isn't and instead we favour Modal. This doesn't mean we’re against pure cotton fabrics but during our journey at Cyberjammies we realised there’s a better way of using fabrics. A favoured alternative to 100% cotton is Modal and we tend to use it in blended with cotton or viscose. We realise many of our customers may not be familiar with modal and a quick google search will reveal that it’s made from wood pulp, which may sound like an unusual fabric to use, instead of natural cotton. But we assure you, it makes our product not only soft, but sustainable!

Modal was developed in the 1960’s by an Austrian company called Lenzing who’ve been producing it for over 75 years. It’s what technical people would call a cellulosic fibre which means it starts from a natural source. As we said it is made using wood pulp, mostly from Beechwood, but is produced in a similar way to synthetic fibres such as nylon. Therefore modal has its ecological benefits. It doesn’t require as many resources as other materials as it is made with plant-based materials. Plus, its super soft, comfy and cosy. Furthermore, the process and chemicals are all environmentally friendly- which is great!

To help you understand why we love using modal, we’ve created a quick overview on the great benefits it can offer you and your nights sleep.

What makes us special

We are passionate about soft and comfortable nightwear for the whole family, but what makes our nightwear stand out from the crowd?

  • Sustainable Fabrics

    Sustainable Fabrics

    All of our fabrics are sustainably sourced and ethically made. Our BCI cotton is mixed with modal, which is made from tree pulp, making it not only sustainable and soft but also breathable and moisture wicking.

  • Award-Winning


    We are currently the best selling nightwear winners and have been for 6 years in a row. We also hold a platinum service award and have done for multiple years for our ongoing outstanding service and products!

  • Nightwear Experts

    Nightwear Experts

    Created by a team of true nightwear experts with over 150 years of combined experience, our nightwear is never compromised. Impeccable quality, durability and excellent value are at the heart of everything we do.