Your Guide To Menopausal Insomnia

Your Guide To Menopausal Insomnia

Navigating Menopausal Insomnia - A Comprehensive Guide to Finding Peaceful Sleep

Embarking on the journey of menopause is like stepping into a new chapter of life, filled with challenging changes and transitions. Among these shifts, menopausal insomnia often sneaks in, like an unexpected guest at a party. This is a gentle reminder that you're not alone in this experience and fortunately there are ways to soothe its effects. 

So what is Menopausal Insomnia? 

 Sleep problems, or menopausal insomnia, can occur during perimenopause (the time before menopause), menopause (the time during) and post menopause (the time after). There are a few scenarios when menopausal insomnia might show up. One is imbalances in our hormonal orchestra, where we see oestrogen and progesterone play notes we haven't rehearsed. Hot flushes, or otherwise known as night sweats, are like uninvited guests crashing your sleep party. And besides form bodily changes, menopause can also open the door to higher levels of stress and anxiety, which in turn, impacts the quality or duration of our slumbers. 


Now we know why we may be experiencing some snooze troubles, we can try and test methods to help alleviate the effects*. Don’t worry, they don’t include counting sheep...


  1. Craft a Cosy Sleep Schedule: Aim to tuck yourself into bed and wake at the same time each day, creating a soothing rhythm for your body to dance to.
  2. Indulge in a Dreamy Bedtime Ritual: Treat yourself to gentle activities before bedtime, like reading a favourite book or writing in your gratitude journal.
  3. Nurture Your Sleep Sanctuary: Transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of serenity. Keep it cool, dark, and oh-so-inviting, like a secret garden waiting for you to wander into the land of dreams.
  4. Soothe Stress with Tender Touches: Embrace stress-relieving practices like gentle yoga or mindful meditation. Let these practices be your bedtime serenade, soothing your mind and guiding you into a tranquil state of relaxation.
  5. Invest in Breathable Pyjamas: Our Nora Rose Pyjama Collection is crafted from beautifully soft 95% modal and 5% elastane, offering a breathable and comfortable bedtime outfit which doesn’t compromise on style and elegance. 


To conclude, menopausal insomnia may feel like an unexpected twist in your sleep story, but with tenderness and care, you can gently navigate this phase of life. For more sleep tips, visit our blog. 


*Whilst we as pyjama experts live and breathe good quality sleep, if you are experiencing menopausal insomnia, please contact your doctor for professional help.