Why we love using Modal Fabric

Why we love using Modal Fabric

What makes modal so special?

Modal was developed in the 1960’s by an Austrian company called Lenzing who’ve been producing it for over 75 years. It’s what technical people would call a cellulosic fibre which means it starts from a natural source. It’s made using wood pulp, mostly from Beechwood, but is produced in a similar way to synthetic fibres such as nylon. Therefore modal has its ecological benefits. It doesn’t require as many resources as other materials as it is made with plant-based materials. Plus, its super comfy and cosy. Furthermore, the process and chemicals are all environmentally friendly- which is great!
To help our customers understand why we love using modal, we’ve created a quick overview on the great benefits it can offer you and your nights sleep. .

It’s comfort and flow– One of our favourite parts about modal fabric is its ultra-comfy feel. It’s soft, light, flexible, and breathable. It doesn’t crease, doesn’t shrink, and drapes well, too. Everything you’d want for a perfect night sleep. It’s naturally a cool fabric to wear and is breathable. For nightwear, these are great qualities and can help to get a great night’s sleep. In our book, there’s not much worse than feeing hot and uncomfortable at night. Anecdotally, many of our customers with irritated skin tell us that the gentle, cool feel of our modal blend fabrics really help and many eczema sufferers have also told that they feel the benefits too.

Finally, Modal is good better for the planet. It's made from sustainable wood pulp and produced using environmentally friendly chemical processes. Modal is also compostable and biodegradable making it one of the kindest fabrics to our environment. If you add it that it also has a tendency to last longer than some of its rivals, modal really does make a great ethical choice.

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