How To Overcome the January Blues

How To Overcome the January Blues

This first month of a new year can cause a dip in our moods. After the glorious end of year celebrations, we're left with moody mornings and dark evenings, which can leave us feeling sluggish and sleepy - one of the main reasons why we all find it so difficult to stay motivated in January. The important thing is to remember that you’re not the only one feeling like this. 

The January Blues can be attributed to a few factors, such as the weather, financial debt or low motivation. In fact, there is quite literally a day dedicated to the most depressing day of the year - Blue Monday – which falls on 16th January. 

It can feel extremely tempting to stay in your PJs all day when the weather is icy cold or the heavens have just opened. Although pyjama days are what we at Cyberjammies live for, we wanted to share three simple ways to keep you productive…for when you’re feeling a little blue 

Step Outside

Stick to a sleep-wake schedule

Write a yearly goal list

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