10 Fun Easter Half-Term Activities for Kids

10 Fun Easter Half-Term Activities for Kids

With just a hop and skip away from the Easter, Spring half-term has officially arrived. Trying to balance everything from activities to bedtimes during the week off school is challenging for both parents and kids. Therefore, the Cyberjammies team have hatched a list of super-fun activities to keep the kids entertained (and you stress-free) this Easter half-term…

1) Host an arts & crafts morning

Holidays are a time to let loose with paints, glitter and stickers. Make homemade cards for Granny or craft a DIY ‘pin the tail on the bunny’ for the ultimate Easter fun.

2) Spring into nature

Springtime weather is always unpredictable. Whether it’s rain or shine, slip into your wellies and explore the wonderful woodlands that the UK has to offer. Collect shrubs and branches so that you can bend them into a spring-themed wreathe to hang on the front door.

3) Challenge each other to an egg and spoon race

Line up the whole family and sprint to the end of the garden with an egg balancing on a spoon. Tip: Want to avoid the clean up? Hard-boil the egg before to avoid a garden full of cracked yolk!  

 4) Make Easter bunny pancakes

The school holidays mean Sunday morning pancakes every day. Hop over to the kitchen and make Easter bunny pancakes. Simply cut round the ears and decorate with your favourite pancake toppings. 

5) Host a pyjama movie marathon 

Order our top-selling family matching pyjamas before having a do a do-nothing day. Press play on your family favourite movies whilst enjoying your favourite sweet snacks - because who said holidays are just for kids!

6) Organise an Easter egg hunt

Hide the chocolate eggs round the house and see who comes back with the fullest basket - just remember to hide a few extra for yourself. Top tip: Make sure to keep the eggs out of sight of animals.

 7) Make Easter-themed slime

Get an adult to make some homemade slime using school-safe glue, saline solution, baking soda and food colouring of yellows, blues and pinks. Give it to the kids to keep their hands full whilst you get a few moments back.  

8) Dye some eggs

Add some colour to breakfast and make some colourful eggs. Firstly, hard boil your eggs and dip in your food colouring solution (using some tongs). Leave for five minutes before removing and patting dry. Watch their faces as their breakfast explodes with pinks, greens, yellows and blues.

9) Make your own daffodils

Use an old egg box to cut out into six daffodil ‘coronas’. Cut out paper petals to stick together and paint yellow. Paint a wooden barbeque stick green and stick it though the cardboard daffodil before adding to a vase. Just remember to skip on the water!

10) Do a bunny hop sack race

Grab some old pillowcases from your spring clear out and race across the garden in order to be crowned the fastest Easter rabbit there ever once was.